Exercise Brain (Brain Gym) To Enhancement Power Remember For Preschool Age Children (Age 4-6 Years) In Kindergarten Setapuk Besar Village

  • Erni juniartati Poltekkes Kemenkes Pontianak
  • Aufa Rahmi
  • Lily Yuniar


Background: Future performance and quality of life of a person and in Social life is an influence on children's intellectual development and academic performance. Golden period in the process of developing independence in early childhood is at preschool age. Preschool age children's readiness to improve cognitive development is a must so that children do not experience lateness in process learning And socialize. Practice memory on children in the learning process and improving achievement can be done in various ways. Therefore, researchers took the initiative to do brain exercises to improve the memory of preschool-aged children. 1) Research Objective: To prove that brain exercises are effective in improving memory in preschool children. 2) Research Method: The research method uses a quasi-experiment with a pre-test and post-test with control design. The sample consisted of 52 children who were divided into intervention groups and control groups. The intervention group was given an introduction to transportation and brain exercises, while the control group was given an introduction to transportation. 4) Results: The results of the study show that brain exercises can improve the memory of preschool children (4-6 years old) in the Setapuk Besar District State Kindergarten. With a P- value = 0.000 (p value < 0.05), Ha is accepted and Ho is rejected. 5) Conclusion: The results of this study can be concluded that brain exercises can improve the memory of preschool children (aged 4-6 years).